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New Hero Bonus Pay for Albertsons, Safeway and Vons Workers

Safeway has agreed to pay a new, one-time Hero Bonus to UFCW members working at Albertsons, Safeway and Vons during the pandemic.

“The greatest priority throughout this pandemic has been to provide as safe an environment as possible for our members,” President Jacques Loveall said. “Every day, our members continue to put themselves in harm’s way to help families in their community put food on their tables.”

“Grocery workers continue to face health risks and new challenges as the pandemic intensifies. We are pleased you’re being recognized for your effort, but we need to be just as vigilant today as we were months ago to help protect front-line and essential workers,” said President Loveall.


A $5 per hour bonus will be paid based upon the average weekly hours worked from Sept. 6th through Nov. 28th.

For example, if someone works 40 hours each week, their average is 40 hours worked, multiplied by $5/hour, equaling a one-time bonus payment of $200. If the average hours worked was 31.5 hours per week, the bonus payment will be $157.50. The minimum bonus pay for those working during the period will be $75.

If a member didn’t work at all during the time period of Sept. 6th through Nov. 28th, they would not be eligible for the additional bonus pay.

Bonuses should be paid by December 10th. If members have any questions regarding the bonus or other working conditions, please contact your District Union Representative at your local Union Office.