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Messages of support continue to pour in for Rite Aid workers

Below are just a few messages of support from some of the thousands of community supporters who have completed petitions online and in front of Rite Aid stores, sending in messages of support. The community clearly understands and supports our members working at Rite Aid and the fight to keep their benefits.

UFCW 8-Golden State, along with our members, greatly appreciates the outpouring of community support. You can support Rite Aid Workers by completing the petition at and letting Rite Aid know your support their workers fight to keep existing benefits.

“I’m not a union member, but I’m a strong union supporter. I vote with my dollars. I spend my money at union businesses every chance I get, and I refuse to spend a nickel at a business that doesn’t respect their workers. I refuse to cross a picket line for any reason.”
  –  Bryan Glovetsky, Independence, CA

“I just picked up a prescription from Rite Aid for my mom. I’m disappointed that another company that makes multi-millions wants to cut benefits to their Store Associates. They are the FACE of your company and deserve to be treated with dignity & respect. Continued disloyalty to will change where my mom’s prescriptions go.”
  –  Carly Huston, Sacramento

“I’m supporting in solidarity as a member of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors.”
  –  Phillip Serna, Sacramento

“I’m an Seiu-uhw member but support this cause! Everyone deserves to have affordable benefits & keep them!”
  –  Jessica Jones, Citrus Heights

“You made enough money to not cut your employee benefits – Shame on you for being so greedy – I will not be shopping a Rite Aid any more until this changes.”
  –  Kelly Schultz, Camino

“It is appalling Rite Aid would cut benefits for workers and senior citizens. Please reconsider today.”
  –  Karen Gonzales, Sacramento

“We need better wages with all the prices increasing. Definitely need good healthcare benefits in this day and age. Hopefully Rite Aid makes the right decisions for its employees.”
  –  Jenica Pickering, Modesto

“I am a Rite Aid customer and have all of my prescriptions automatically filled at your Pharmacy. For a company that makes so much money from healthcare (my insurance dollars keep your lights on) to deny its own employees coverage is sickening. You’re not the only game in town, and I’m happy to take my dollars elsewhere.”
  –  Sean McDonnell, Sacramento

“I believe the all employees who work for rite aid deserve their benefits due to the time and effort they contribute to each store.”
Breanna Jacobo, Modesto

” … that ain’t cool. I believe that if you work hard for your company the lease that the company can do is back up their employee benefits. Taking them away shouldn’t be an option!”
  –  Carlos Sarabia, Modesto

” … my wife and I get our monthly Rxs at the local Rite Aid.  We would never cross a picket line.”
  –  Michael Schultz, Burney

“We need support our seniors and our workers I did not know that rite Aid did that 12 years and no support that is terrible.”
  –  Rene Miranda, Fresno

“My family stands with the workers.”
  –  Holly Dias, Sacramento

“What a shameful move to alter the lives of retired personnel. These people have no other means to make an optional income at this stage if their lives. Rite Aid should have kept these incomes in their budget. Bad business”
Melissa Lanier, Sacramento

“I stand with the Rite Aid Workers!”
  –  Roxanne Rosas, Fresno

“I will definitely won’t be shopping there until this is resolved.”
  –  Dexter Hampton, Roseville

“You know the things you have done/are doing which are affecting negatively, the quality of life of your workers and their families. Please check the math again and see that what’s BEST for THEM is BEST for YOU.”
  –  Ricky Bispo, Modesto

“It is unfair that retired workers might be denied their health care from a multimillion dollar company. Healthcare is a basic human right! Will not be shopping here anytime soon.”
  –  Less Acosta, Davis

“I won’t be shopping at rite aid until they stop their unfair labor practices.”
  –  Kenneth Hermann, Davis

“It’s time to stop all that nonsense and let the people who put their work in for you keep their earned benefits.”
  –  Ernesto Modesto, Stockton

“I am a community supporter of your cause. Please let me know what I can do to help!”
  –  Tim Robertson, Keyes

“Please do not take away health benefit from your own.  They need these benefits to survive….”
  –  Santokh Singh, Merced

“Don’t take away the benefits!”
  –  Erika Miller, Chico

“Health care is a moral responsibility for a company the size of Rite Aid.  These folks work for your company; your company is in business to make a profit; your employees contribute to the realization of that profit.  Take care of your employees.  You pay for utilities; you maintain infrastructure; your employees are your fellow human beings some of the same people who sit next to you at church.  For God’s sake, take care of them.”
  –  Neil Schwartz, Chico

“Disgusting that a healthcare company would do this. I support Rite Aid workers 100%!”
  –  Levi Pine, San Diego

“Don’t take away benefits to seniors.”
  –  Susanna Redfearn, Coalinga

“The employees are the ones making the money for these companies they need to take care of their employees”
  –  Patrick Hallmark, Clovis

“If it wasn’t for the people that work in these stores day in and day out, Rite Aid wouldn’t even exist.  They deserve to be treated fairly and taken care of.”
  –  Carol Elfstrom, Fresno

“Please provide health care to your employees. All of them.”
  –  Genevieve Appleby, Harrisburg PA