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Rite Aid Contract Talks Overshadowed by High Health Care and Pension Costs

Rite Aid and Union negotiators confront need for more funds to preserve current benefits

As our Union bargaining team meets with Rite Aid to negotiate a new contract, both sides are confronting the high costs of preserving the health care and pension benefits of Union members and their loved ones.

In order to keep providing the high level of health benefits our members currently enjoy, Rite Aid would need to pay into our jointly adminstered health care fund an additional $2 for every hour worked by every employee.

This huge investment by the company would be required to ensure the solvency of the fund through the length of the new contract, with the possibility of still more increases in future contracts.

The ripple effects of these costs could be felt in other parts of the contract as our Union negotiators continue to pursue the best possible terms for all members of UFCW 8-Golden State who work for Rite Aid.

As we do in negotiations with all employers in the many industries we serve, our team will seek innovative solutions to control costs while pushing for the highest possible levels of benefits and wages for our members.

This company is in the business of providing health-oriented products, including pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements and medical devices.

Accordingly, we believe the company should never abandon the health needs of its employees, who deserve the very highest standards of care in the retail drug sector.

To prevent this scenario from happening, we ask our Rite Aid members to take a stand for preserving their health care for themselves and their covered family members.

Please be on the alert for notifications of further developments in this matter.

If you have questions about these negotiations with Rite Aid’s management, contact your District Union Representative.

Stand with your Union in word and deed, and we will show the world, once again…

Solidarity Works!