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Secretary-Treasurer's Report

8 Reasons to Shop Union

We frequently inform our members about the importance of “shopping Union,” and for good reason. Actually, we have eight good reasons for you and your family to shop only at Union stores, buy Union-made products and patronize Union employers whenever possible:

1. You’ll increase your Union’s clout at the bargaining table. Wages and benefits are highest where Union employers command the highest percentage of market share. Where Union market share is low, some employers may interpret it as a sign of weakness and try to push for concessions. But strong Union market share is taken as evidence of a strong Union which will fight for the best possible contract.

2. You’ll encourage higher standards throughout the many industries we represent. Non-Union competition tends to drive down wages and benefits for everyone. When you spend your dollars at a Union-affiliated employer, you help the company resist the competitive pressures to “cut corners” and try to lower its own standards.

3. Union businesses need your business. The good Union job you save could be your own!

4. You’ll help increase the avail-ability of work hours. A busier store or other business means more work and more pay for Union workers.

5. You’ll help fortify your community’s economic health. Union employers pay better, so their workers have more to spend, supporting local businesses. The workers also have good health benefits, so they don’t have to rely on taxpayer-supported health services.

6. Good behavior should be rewarded. A good Union employer deserves encouragement and support for treating workers with respect.

7. You’ll protect your health benefits. Every hour of work gained at a non-Union business means an equivalent loss at a Union employer. The result is less money in the health benefits trust funds which pay for health care for Union members and their families. Conversely, more business at Union businesses equals more hours for Union workers, which equals more money to spend on health benefits.

8. You’ll be expressing your Union pride. Showing your support for Union employers expresses your personal commitment to the power of Solidarity.

Always shop Union!