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Secretary-Treasurer's Report

Retail Food Negotiations: You Are Still Essential

With all the troubles our members had to deal with since mid-March of 2020, the idea of preparing for Retail Food negotiations in Northern and Central California probably fell off the radar for some.

But not for us in the leadership team of UFCW 8-Golden State, where we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the contracts in all of the industries we serve.

For those who have lost track (which is understandable), our current agreements with Raley’s, Safeway and Vons in Northern California are set to expire on Oct. 9 and our contracts with Save Mart (in Northern and Southern California) will end on Oct.10.

We are determined, as always, to negotiate new contracts with the best possible wages, health benefits, pension accruals and workplace rules. We aim to bring to our members in the supermarket industry a contract they will be proud to ratify.

No matter what contract you work under, here are two things every member can do to strengthen our position at the bargaining table:


Don’t listen to rumors and don’t spread them. Some companies are prone to spreading misinformation in order to

create divisions within our ranks. Don’t let them get away with it! For the facts, talk to your District Union Representative and follow all communications from UFCW 8.


Stand up and speak out for your Union. Your manager reports to senior management. If she or he asks how you feel about

negotiations, always say with pride: “I support my Union 100%!” Say the same thing when talking with your coworkers, because solidarity is essential for winning a great new contract.


As the pandemic continues to recede, it is important to remember you still are an essential worker. You always were essential and always will be. The enormously profitable company you work for mustn’t forget it, either.

Solidarity Works!