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President's Report

A Message to the Working People of California: Vote NO on the Recall!

President, UFCW 8-Golden State UFCW International Vice President Alot of finger pointing and name calling occurs in politics, but venom, vitriol, anger and hostility have never done much for advancing a positive agenda.

Rather than comment on the motivations of those who are trying to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, I’d like to explain why he deserves your support by summarizing the hard work he’s done to benefit working families in the state of California:

  • Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Newsom worked proactively to ensure delivery of personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves, to frontline workers who needed them.
  • He secured ample supplies of COVID vaccines as soon as they became available, then helped develop a system to distribute those vaccines quickly and equitably.
  • Gov. Newsom also signed legislation requiring workplaces to report outbreaks to employees and health authorities.
  • He signed a law expanding sick leave for people who became ill because of the virus.

Long before the pandemic, Newsom earned our support through his strong advocacy of laws and policies protecting the welfare of working people. He stands behind the many achievements accomplished by the Labor Movement and our friends over the past century, including:

  • minimum wage standards
  • overtime pay
  • health and safety laws,
  • paid sick leave
  • paid family leave labor agreements
  • public works promoting good Union jobs and a stronger economyGavin Newsom has earned the Labor Movement’s support. Losing him might imperil such achievements as universal pre-kindergarten, secure pensions, strong minimum wage laws and more.


Protect our progress

In November 2018, the people of California voted decisively to elect Gavin Newsom as their governor. Newsom won 62% of the vote, a landslide by any reasonable definition of the word.

Now, less than three years later, opponents of Unions are pinning their hopes on a recall to reverse the election and elect someone who is not as supportive of working families.

In response, a strong coalition of Californians led by Labor Unions and their allies has come together to make sure this doesn’t happen.

I recently participated in a press conference with other labor leaders affiliated with the California Labor Federation to draw a firm line. Our message is “Protect Our Progress: Vote NO on the Recall!”

In opposing the recall, I am proud to join the leaders of 1,200 Labor Unions in the state.

Those who support the recall are hoping for a low turnout among Union members and their friends. Don’t sit this one out! Do the right thing and vote NO on the recall!

We can win this fight because … Solidarity Works!