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Secretary-Treasurer's Report

Get Your Vaccinations as Soon as Possible

Your Union holds your safety and health as our highest priority, and this is why we encourage you to get your COVID-19 vaccinations as soon as they are available.

While it’s a personal choice to get a vaccination, doing so will sharply reduce an individual’s chances of getting sick or spreading the virus to family members, coworkers and the community at large.

Here are some facts to assure you the vaccines are thoroughly researched and safe to receive:

• The vaccines do not contain the virus and cannot transmit the disease.

• Tens of millions of people around the world have taken these vaccines with no side effects beyond minor soreness or fatigue. These effects are usually resolved within two days and are worthwhile considering a vaccine could save your life.

A very small number of people may react allergically to the vaccine, so it is a good idea for those with a history of medical allergies to remain close to the vaccination location for 15 minutes following the injection.

• The vaccines are made using technology which has been developed over decades and is proven to be safe.

Just as we have all worn masks, practiced social distancing and washed our hands over the past year, we must also receive both doses of the vaccine in order to help the U.S. reach herd immunity and get the spread of the virus under control.

Only through widespread vaccination against the coronavirus can we fully protect at-risk coworkers, family members and others across our state and country and begin to return to a long-awaited sense of normality.

Talk to your health care provider about when you may be able to receive the vaccine, or sign up for notifications at

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