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Southern California Strike Authorization Vote Scheduled on June 24th and 25th

Negotiations continue this week in Southern California, however, progress has been minimal. The UFCW locals in Southern CA have scheduled a vote of the affected members in Southern California to authorize a strike, if necessary.

Why a strike authorization vote?

The companies are delaying negotiations and demanding takeaways, such as:

•  Cutting top-rate for GM clerks;
•  Slashing wages for checkers;
•  Wage increases for other workers of only 20 cents, less than 1%;
•  Put healthcare plan at risk of bankruptcy.

All this when corporate executives are giving themselves substantial raises and paying out millions to investors.

What does a Strike Authorization vote mean?

It means we give the power to call a strike, if necessary, to the negotiators at the table.

Authorization does not mean we go on strike right away. Authorization does show the companies we are united in our demand for a fair, balanced contract which respects our contribution to their success, and we are prepared to fight, if necessary.

What’s next?

Votes will be held on Monday, June 24th and Tuesday, June 25th. Results will be announced after all the votes are tallied. It is critical for every member to participate and vote in this important process.

It’s time for the companies to get serious about a fair deal.

Remain united and together we will prove …

Solidarity Works!