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Save Mart has announced they are selling their pharmacy services and prescriptions to Walgreens. We have reached out to the company to discuss how their decision impacts our members.

Save Mart also announced the transfer of all employee prescriptions to Walgreens. Walgreens is not a participating pharmacy in the Elixir network. To ensure members get the most out of their medical benefits, we encourage members to transfer their family’s prescriptions to an Albertsons, Bel Air, Rite Aid, Safeway or Vons pharmacy as soon as possible.  The links below may aid in finding Union pharmacy locations.

Northern Calif. members can also use the website to find the closest in-network pharmacy. Southern Calif. members can use Caremark to find the closest in-network pharmacy. Your Union has negotiated excellent health benefits, including prescription drugs, for members and their families. Please take a few moments to transfer your prescriptions to an in-network pharmacy as soon as possible.

Another perk of our Union contract and having members’ medical and pension benefits administered through the UFCW Trust multi-employer benefit trust is the ability to transfer medical eligibility to another Union employer like Safeway and Vons. We have been in contact with Union companies to help facilitate hiring members working in the closing pharmacies.

We will reach out directly to members in the coming days with additional information about hiring opportunities at other Union pharmacy locations.