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Case Against Rite Aid Headed to Washington D.C. Court

Next month, the National Labor Relations Board will hear the case against Rite Aid’s illegal implementation of the contract in Washington, D.C. 

UFCW 8-Golden State has won every appeal by Rite Aid as they delay bargaining and continue to fight against the NLRB. The company’s repeated delays only serve to punish their hard-working and dedicated employees. Their decision to delay bargaining also compounds the company’s liability, which will ultimately be passed to shareholders when the case is resolved. 

We are confident in the case to restore our member’s benefits and remain ready to continue negotiations with Rite Aid on terms of a new contract. 

Your Union is focused on reinstating member’s health benefits and securing their retirement. We also recognize members are well overdue for wage increases, which are a top priority in these negotiations. 

Stay strong, stay united, and together, we will prove Solidarity Works!