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San Diego UFCW President Joins Other So. Calif. Leaders in Pledging Unity with UFCW 8-Golden State
Updated On: Feb 20, 2007
Jacques Loveall and Mickey KasparianUFCW affiliates in all parts of California are more united than ever as they approach Retail Food contract negotiations in 2007, a Southern California Union president said.

In remarks to UFCW 8 District Union Representatives, Mickey Kasparian, president of UFCW Local 135 in San Diego, said that the 2003-2004 strike and lockout in Southern California had important lessons for Labor leaders everywhere.

“Sometimes it takes something bad to create something good,” Kasparian told the UFCW 8 District Union Representatives during a recent training seminar. “Our epic, 20-week struggle in Southern California has inspired us to coordinate strategies and share resources in future negotiations.

“The Southern California strike and lockout was a serious attempt by the employers to break our Union,” Kasparian said. “They struck us; we didn’t strike them.

“The employers chose to go this route because they are no longer your father’s supermarket chains. The old days of Food Basket, Alpha Beta and the local Albertsons are a thing of the past.

“Food industry companies have become national behemoths — Fortune 500 companies,” Kasparian said. “Safeway, the owners of Vons, was able to lose more money during the strike than its entire net worth was only 10 years earlier.”  Kasparian said that the new realities of the grocery industry make Union unity more essential than ever.

“We can’t do it alone in Southern California or Northern California,” Kasparian said. “We’ve got to do it collectively.”
Kasparian talked about other lessons that were learned during the strike and lockout. “We learned that we have to change and we have to change now,” he said. “We have to  check our egos at the door and work together to make the contract we will be negotiating next year the best one ever.
“We can’t do the same things we’ve done in the past,” he continued. “We need a new strategy. We can no longer bargain with the employers regionally. We need to have a national approach.”

Kasparian observed that Northern California’s collective bargaining agreements will expire within six months of Southern California’s next year. Another eight contracts will expire across the country around that time. “We must leverage these contracts throughout the country to give us the strength we need to effectively fight these huge corporations,” Kasparian said.

“International President Joe Hansen has created a National Bargaining Committee that is designed to do just that. Jacques Loveall and I both serve on that committee.” Kasparian continued: “Next year, we will be stronger than ever in our unity.” The San Diego president praised UFCW 8 President Jacques Loveall for the Union’s support during the strike and lockout in Southern California.

“UFCW 8 recognizes just how hard we fought in Southern California,” Kasparian said.
“I want to thank you for that support. Our members really appreciate it.”
Jacques Loveall
UFCW 8-Golden State
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