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You Are Not Alone!

Help is Available to UFCW 8 Members and Their Loved Ones

Sunrise at Campobello

Innovative treatment center for chemical dependency helps find tools to build new lives

Joe tucked away his phone, beaming. His joy was palpable. “I just heard I’m a grandfather. Can you believe it? There is so much I’m going to give to this little boy. “The cycle of alcoholism stops with me! My father and grandfather didn’t know how, but I’m going to do right by my new grandson, you can be sure,” he said jubilantly.

And so it goes at Campobello, an innovative Chemical Dependency Treatment Center nestled in the Sonoma County farmlands.

In an idyllic atmosphere, drug addicts give up their stash, alcoholics go on the wagon and people discover themselves, sometimes for the first time.

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Check with your medical plan and the county you live in for additional resources.