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Correcting Some Myths About Mental Health

Myth: Mental health problems will not affect you or your family.

Fact: Mental health conditions are quite common, and practically everybody has a close friend or family member who has a mental health condition.

Myth: There is no hope for people with mental health problems.

Fact: Studies show many people with mental health problems or illnesses get better. Some can recover completely. There are many treatments, services and support systems available which can help.

Myth: People with mental health conditions are violent.

Fact: Absolutely not. Statistically, people with mental health conditions are no more likely to be violent than people without a mental health condition, but they are more likely to be a victim of violence.

Myth: Children do not struggle with mental health.

Fact: 50% of all mental health conditions show signs before a child turns 14 years old. About 75% of mental health conditions start before a person turns 24.

Myth: Only people with serious issues need therapy, counseling or coaching.

Fact: We can all benefit from therapy or coaching. Getting support, asking for help and getting an outside perspective is beneficial for growth. Getting support early can help prevent mental health conditions from worsening.

More facts about mental illness

It’s common: One in five American adults experience some form of mental illness.

It can be serious: 14.2 million American adults live with a serious mental illness.

Anxiety is high: Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in America — 18% of adults have an anxiety disorder.


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