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Call Upon Government Officials to Take Executive Action

Call Upon Government Officials to Take Executive Action
to Support Grocery and Pharmacy Store Workers

Working long hours and exposed to large volumes of customers, essential retail store workers are unsung heroes who are at the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, the state and its leaders must do everything in their power to support these retail workers.

Call on the state of California to designate essential retail workers as emergency frontline personnel.

  • Right to wash their hands every 30 minutes, or as needed;
  • Right to personal protection equipment (gloves and masks);
  • Installation of plexiglass at checkstands and pharmacy counters;
  • Access to sanitizers and increased sanitation activity;
  • Customer crowd control and security guards;
  • Standardized and limited operating hours for all grocery and drug stores (to allow for sanitation);
  • Right to free COVID-19 testing;
  • 14 days additional sick days for workers impacted by COVID-19;
  • Right to paid child care.

While most Californians are staying at home, essential store workers remain the lifeline to the public, going to work every day.  Yet, they do so at an increased risk of infection.

As we see an increasing number of frontline members who have been tested, if not contracted the virus, our communities and all essential retail workers require that these infectious disease guidelines be immediately implemented.

We know there are many demands upon the governor, but essential retail workers are a critical link in our food chain supply. California must enact an emergency order now in order to protect them and our communities.


Link: Sign the petition today!