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Southern CA Negotiations Update for Albertsons, Vons Clerks and Pharmacists

ULP Strike Authorization Vote Overwhelmingly Passes

March 27, 2022 — Over the past week, Southern California UFCW members working at Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions and Ralphs made their voices heard by overwhelmingly voting to authorize a strike.

Action may be necessary if employers continue committing unfair labor practices (ULP’s), such as conducting unlawful surveillance of workers protesting or refusing to implement wage increases as required by your contract.

Members have shown incredible strength during negotiations, and this vote sends a strong message; our members have earned and deserve better.

What does this mean?
This vote prepares all of us to take action if the companies continue to commit unfair labor practices that undermine your ability to get the wages and benefits you need. A strike is always a last resort. We will continue to push for the companies to come to the table prepared to bargain in good faith.

A representative from your Union will contact workers at each store if a decision to strike is made. Do not walk out until your Union has notified you. There will be opportunities to attend member meetings, calls, or training, where you can ask questions and feel confident about standing up for your rights and standing together.If the companies force us to take action, we will have strike benefit funds available to support our members.

Next Steps
We are set to meet with the companies again on March 30th and will keep you updated as bargaining progresses. We look forward to reaching a fair agreement within a reasonable time.

Our members should be treated with respect, with fair wages in the communities they serve, and the benefit protections they are entitled to without unlawful intimidation or surveillance.

We deserve a fair contract, now! Remain united and together, we will prove Solidarity Works!