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Southern CA Negotiations Update – Feb 24, 2022

What Happened At The Table This Week With Albertsons/Vons
Discussions with Albertsons/Vons this week have been fairly productive, but there is a long way to go. We’ve addressed some contract language items on workplace conditions and are just beginning discussions on wages. Both sides remain committed to working towards a solution in a timely manner, however, the real conversations regarding wages, progression, and benefits have just started.

Stater Brothers Members
We are waiting for Stater Brothers to send dates to schedule bargaining.

What We’re Fighting For
From conversations with you in the stores, to surveys and feedback from your stewards, we have heard your concerns and needs. Whether it’s inflation, cost-of-living increases, understaffing in your stores or high turnover and unfair scheduling, we know it takes a lot to run a grocery store and provide for your families, and you have more than stepped up to get it done.

We are unified at all tables and have made it clear, you are essential, not only to the survival and success of your stores, but to your customers and communities as well. You have earned a contract that addresses the issues which matter most to you:

  • Fair wages for essential workers
  • Improved safety and security
  • Better staffing for better service
  • Stable and predictable scheduling
  • Enough hours and shorter wage progressions
  • Elimination of two-tier pay and vacation schedule
  • Improved medical benefits

Next Negotiation Dates
We will be back at the negotiation table from March 1 – 6 and will email out another coordinated bargaining update at the end of negotiations on the 6th, the day the contract is set to expire.

In the meantime, you should see petitions circulating in your stores, please sign and get your coworkers involved. Our unity and strength in numbers is what will secure a contract you can be proud of. Whether it’s wearing a “Solidarity Works” button, attending a rally, sharing updates or direct action, our power at the table comes from you and your coworkers standing together and taking action.

Thank you for all you do to make your stores and communities better.

Together we will prove …

Solidarity Works!