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Court Throws Out Dangerous Pork Line Speed Rules

Workers in America’s pork industry won a major victory on March 31 when a federal district court in Minneapolis ruled the U.S. Department of Agriculture acted unlawfully in raising limits on speeds of slaughter lines.

The lawsuit against the Trump-era policy was led by the UFCW International Union and the advocacy group Public Citizen.

Jacques Loveall, president of UFCW 8-Golden State, praised the court’s decision for “finally ending a dangerous USDA policy allowing pork plants to push workers to the breaking point with unsafe line speeds, increasing the risk of injury and putting the safety of our food supply in jeopardy.

“With the success of this lawsuit, our country’s essential workers have sent a powerful message: The safety of America’s food and workers is not for sale and these companies will finally be forced to stop these dangerous practices,” Loveall said.