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COVID-19 Update – April 14, 2020

We continue to have ongoing discussions with Union employers in the retail industry to address the critical issues our members are facing on the frontlines. “Member safety remains and ongoing concern and should continue to be a priority for employers and customers alike,” said President Jacques Loveall, “we are in this fight together.”

Raley’s has announced it will pay another community service reward on May 15th, with the pay being calculated at no less than $2/hr. for hours worked between April 20 and May 3. Save Mart has agreed to continue their appreciation pay until a foreseeable end to this crisis is reached and Albertsons/Safeway continues to evaluate week-to-week the need to continue their appreciation pay program. Stater Bros. has also continued their temporary pay increase in appreciation of their workers.

The UFCW has launched a new national initiative to help protect America’s food and grocery workers. The new national campaign, entitled #ShopSmart, will target American grocery shoppers and is in response to the growing number of food and grocery workers who are becoming exposed to the coronavirus and the direct threat this growing outbreak poses to our nation’s food supply.

Highlighting the growing concern of food and grocery workers, the UFCW released results, which are included below, of a recently conducted a member survey. The national survey of members highlights the real fear and concern of food and grocery workers, and the need to take a more dramatic series of action to protect workers.

  • Customer Support for Workers
    • 29 percent said customers treated them somewhat poorly or very poorly.
  • Top Customer Safety Issues:
    • 85 percent said customers are not practicing social distancing.
    • 81 percent said customers are hoarding supplies or groceries.
    • 62 percent said customers are blaming employees for shortages
    • 43 percent reported instances of customers shouting at employees
  • Safety Priorities for Grocery Stores:
    • When asked what grocery stores should do to improve customer safety and treatment of workers:
      • 72 percent supported a limit on the number of customers in stores
      • 49 percent supported stores banning unruly customers
      • 41 percent supported stores hiring more security
      • 26 percent supported stores hiring more workers to meet demand
      • 23 percent supported advertisements with customer safety tips

For more information about UFCW’s customer campaign, please visit