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Shop Where You Work!

We consistently encourage members and the public to avoid shopping at non-Union competition. These stores hurt our communities and weaken the power of working people every where.

shop where you work 2017The easiest way for you to strengthen your Union and protect your job is to do your shopping at the store where you work.

When you shop where you work, you are investing in your own store, which means more hours for you and your co-workers. It also strengthens the benefit funds which pay for your health care and retirement benefits.

Furthermore, giving money to non-Union stores hurts your store. If Union stores are forced to cut their hours, who suffers?

Do yourself and your co-workers a favor by putting your money where you earn your pay check. You can ask your family and friends to shop where you work, too.

Please shop at one of these fine Union stores which set high standards for workers and retirees in the supermarket industry.

Bel Air
Cost Less
Corti Bros.
Diablo Foods
Food Maxx
Food Source

Foods Co.
Liberty Market
Lunardi Foods
Maxx Value
Nob Hill
Pak n Save

Rite Aid
SPD Markets
Save mart
Stater Bros.
Susanville Supermarket