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Secretary-Treasurer's Report

In Word and Deed, Stand by Your Union

The labor contracts covering members of UFCW 8-Golden State are among the best in the country. They provide industry-leading wages, health and pension benefits, workplace guarantees and job protections.

UFCW 8-Golden State is always in negotiations with employers across our jurisdiction, but this year we are heading into several especially crucial rounds of bargaining with employers in all parts of California.

We are already deep into talks with Rite Aid in Southern California and soon we’ll be meeting with Raley’s, Safeway/Albertsons and Save Mart, among other companies, to negotiate new agreements for members in the supermarket industry.

As in previous years, health care is expected to be a key element in talks with all of these employers. Some of them are seeking to diminish the standards of care our members have relied upon for decades.

To defend your health care, as well as your wages, pensions, working conditions and more, your Union negotiators require the total support of the membership. Any sign of apathy or divisiveness will be interpreted as weakness by the employers and will encourage them to test our resolve with unreasonable demands.

To help our members understand and appreciate what is at stake, UFCW 8-Golden State has launched an educational campaign to underscore the value of Union health care.

One of these messages appears directly below. Others are featured on our UFCW 8-Golden State Facebook page, on our Twitter feed and in text messages.

We urge you to keep in touch with your Union in every way possible. Stay informed about negotiations — not just those with your employer, but also those in all of the industries we serve.

At work, at home and in your community, always remember to stand by your Union in word and deed. Your health, wages and working conditions depend on it!

Solidarity works!