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Today, as we celebrate the culture and progress of this industry, let's also honor the hard work and dedication of all cannabis workers striving for fair treatment, safer workplaces, and a thriving industry for all. Together, we're blazing a trail toward a brighter, more equitable future! Learn more about our cannabis work at and #UFCW #UFCW8 #UFCWCannabis #Fourtwenty

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union #UFCW Charity Foundation #Scholarship Program is open until May 12, 2024. Online applications will be accepted from any student who has graduated from high school, will be graduating in the spring of 2024, or has received their GED. The Foundation will award at least eight scholarships worth up to $8,000 each over a four-year period. For more information on the scholarship program, complete rules, and eligibility requirements, please visit:

Dartmouth men's basketball team votes to unionize, shaking up college sports Hours before their final game of the season, the Dartmouth men's basketball team has voted to join a union, becoming the first unionized college sports team in the U.S. and opening many thorny questions about the future of college sports. Led by Dartmouth forward Cade Haskins and guard Romeo Myrthil, the 15 players announced their intent to unionize last September, arguing that the business of college sports is different that it was a few years ago. Tuesday's vote was 13 to 2 in favor of joining SEIU Local 560. "Today is a big day for our team. We stuck together all season and won this election," wrote Haskins and Myrthil in a statement. "Let's work together to create a less exploitative business model for college sports." The election was held over the objections of the Trustees of Dartmouth College, which last week filed a motion asking the National Labor Relations Board to halt the election pending further review. The NLRB denied that request. On Tuesday, Dartmouth asked the NLRB to overturn the decision by the agency's regional director to hold the election in the first place, setting the stage for a protracted legal fight. Source: #UFCW #UFCW8 #1u

A Strange Thing Happened When Patagonia Workers Said They Wanted A Union The union says the outdoor apparel brand stayed neutral in the process, in contrast to companies like Trader Joe’s and REI. Mar 12, 2024 -- When workers at its outlet store in Reno, Nevada, recently petitioned for a union election, the outdoor apparel and equipment brand Patagonia didn’t react like other big-name American companies often do. There were no “captive audience” meetings and no pressure from management to reject the union effort, according to the United Food and Commercial Workers. The union says managers didn’t take a position on the vote and remained neutral during the process. When the ballots were tallied on March 1, the employees had voted 9-5 in favor of joining UFCW Local 711, making it Patagonia’s first organized store in the country. Nick Helmreich, a worker at the Reno shop, noted in a statement through the union that other progressive-seeming employers have chosen to take different paths when recently confronted with organizing efforts. “So far, it’s encouraging to see Patagonia stay neutral and not resort to the awful anti-union tactics used by companies like REI and Trader Joe’s,” Helmreich said. “We’re only starting out, but it’s an optimistic sign that they’re letting us, the workers, decide our future.” Read more: #UFCW #UFCW8 #1u