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NegotiationsRetail Food (Southern California)

Southern CA Retail Food Negotiations Update – July 13, 2019

Negotiations wrapped up this week with discussions on how the companies’ proposals will impact your healthcare and wages. While we exchanged proposals across the table, we remain far apart on major issues. Simply put, their proposals are inadequate.

These companies continue to undervalue your knowledge, commitment, and service to the customers that makes them so successful, they are seeing tremendous profit and corporate executives are receiving sizeable salary increases.

By joining together, we have the power to make meaningful jobs for all workers at Albertsons and Vons. Standing together with your coworkers over the past several weeks have been seen by the company and felt by in our communities. Everything you have done will help you get the contract that you deserve.  

Your exceptional service is the reason you’ve earned and deserve the ability to take care of yourself and your family.

We will be back at the table July 17 – 19.  In the meantime, stay informed and continue organizing your communities. Solidarity is the key to victory.

Remember to thank your customers for their support and make sure you and your co-workers are signed up to receive negotiation updates by texting ufcw8.members to 77948.

Together we will prove,

Solidarity Works!