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Retail Food (Northern California )

UFCW 8-Golden State Reaches Tentative Agreement with Save Mart

We are pleased to report we have secured a new tentative agreement covering UFCW 8 members working at Save Mart, S-Mart and Lucky stores. Members will receive a ratification package in the mail, which includes a special edition of our Voice of Action magazine with the Memorandum of Agreement, a secret ballot, return envelopes and voting instructions.

solidarity-worksWhile our members working at Save Mart, S-Mart and Lucky stores ratified a short-term agreement just last year, this new agreement puts our members in sync with the common expiration dates of other retail industry employers and provides additional wage increases and bonuses.

The new agreement also continues to protect existing contract provisions covering current health, pension and sick leave benefits with no expected increases in out-of-pocket costs like premiums and deductibles for the life of the agreement.

Thank you for your continued support and always remember, Solidarity Works!