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Retail Food (Northern California )

Northern California Retail Food Negotiations Update – May 3, 2019

Bargaining in Northern California continued with Save Mart and Raley’s this week. Meetings with Safeway have also taken place in recent weeks. We have made some limited progress, however, the process continues to move slowly.

We recently witnessed the strength of 31,000 Stop & Shop workers from five different UFCW locals across three New England states. They were able to demonstrate, when we stand together for a better contract, when we are determined and united in solidarity, WE ARE A POWERFUL FORCE.

“We are adamant, the companies’ successes are a direct result of the efforts by our hard-working members. Our members deserve meaningful wage increases, a secure retirement and comprehensive medical benefits,” said President Jacques Loveall.  

The solidarity and continued resolve of our members working at Safeway, Save Mart and Raley’s makes a difference in these negotiations. Continue standing with your co-workers, remain united and together we’ll prove, once again …

Solidarity Works!