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UFCW 8-Golden State and Allied Unions Reach Tentative Contract Agreements With Rite Aid

Union members in Northern and Southern California to vote on contracts including wage increases and protected health care and pensions

ROSEVILLE, CALIF. (Oct. 2, 2015) — After nearly two years of collective bargaining, UFCW 8-Golden State and its UFCW allies in Southern California announced they have reached tentative contract agreements with the Rite Aid drug store chain in the northern and southern regions of the state.

The two, separate agreements include significant wage increases and protect health benefits enjoyed by Rite Aid workers through trust funds operated jointly by the Union and Rite Aid management.

The tentative contracts also preserve pension benefits and include workplace protections, among other positive features.

The agreements will be submitted to almost 8,000 California members of Rite Aid’s Union work force for ratification. Members in Northern California will receive mail-in ballots and materials explaining the details of their tentative agreements. Members in Southern California will vote in regional meetings on Oct. 7 and 8.

“Upon ratification, these agreements will be, beyond any doubt, the best contracts in the country with Rite Aid or any other employer in the retail drug industry,” UFCW 8-Golden State President Jacques Loveall observed.

“Our accomplishments were possible because UFCW Unions in Northern and Southern California were able to bargain with Rite Aid at the same time and with unprecedented unity of purpose,” President Loveall said.

“Our members rose to the occasion by standing strong with their Unions and engaging the public in their quest for a fair contract.”

UFCW 8-Golden State represents workers in several industries from the Oregon border down to Kern County. Its members in Kern County, including Bakersfield, are covered by separate labor agreements negotiated by UFCW 8 and other UFCW Unions in Southern California: UFCW Locals 135, 324, 770, 1167, 1428 and 1442.