Why Get Less From Cost Less?

Union Cost Less locations get more:

MORE: Healthcare Benefits

Union members at Cost Less have excellent health insurance and the member pays ZERO in weekly premiums for their coverage.

How much are you paying weekly or monthly for your health insurance? You could use that money for something else!

MORE: Retirement Benefits

Union members at Cost Less have employer-paid retirement contributions. Cost Less pays almost $3.00 per hour worked for each qualifying member.

Is Cost Less paying $3.00 per hour into your retirement account? Why not?

MORE: Rights on the job

Union members at Cost Less have things like seniority, a minimum weekly guarantee of hours, scheduling rights, guaranteed pay raises, a say in their working conditions, the ability to vote on what’s important to them and much more … all secured by a contract.

MORE: Protection

Union members at Cost Less locations have job protections like a professional Union Representative who is on your side at all times, a grievance procedure to challenge management decisions when needed, and someone to consult at any time if you think conditions at your store are not fair.

Union Cost Less locations include Oakdale, Jackson, three locations in Modesto and the Meat department in Hanford. Only Turlock, Corcoran and the grocery in Hanford are without the Union benefits.

Why do these locations get MORE than you? The answer is simple, they have a Union contract. It’s time for you to get MORE. Contact the Union today and stop getting less from Cost Less.

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