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Member Solidarity

UFCW 8-Golden State does so much for members — negotiating good wages and strong benefits, defending rights on the job, and more — new members often ask: “What does the Union expect from members in return?”

UFCW 8-Golden State serves the members best when leaders and members work together to reach our goals. Here are some ways to embrace solidarity: Stay positive: We are all at our best when we take a positive attitude toward our jobs and each other. When you have ideas on how things can improve, bring them to your Steward or District Union Representative.

STAY POSITIVE: UFCW 8-Golden State has an awardwinning communications program featuring a wide variety of ways for members to stay informed about news, issues and personalities a”ecting their Union and working lives: the Voice of Action magazine, Voice of Action Extra news bulletins, emails, phone calls, text alerts, postcards, postings on Facebook, Twitter and

STAND UNITED: Our Union’s motto “Solidarity Works!” is more than just a tagline, it is a way of life! Talk positively about Union solidarity with your co-workers and the public whenever and wherever possible. Wear “Solidarity” buttons and stickers. And when the subject comes up in a conversation with management, remind them “I stand with my Union 100%!”

SHOP UNION: Protect your job, wages and bene!ts by shopping at Union stores. It’s a great idea to shop where you work and whatever you do, don’t shop at Walmart or other anti-Union retailers which provide inferior wages and bene!ts to their employees.

KNOW YOUR CONTRACT: While it’s important to always follow employer’s rules and guidelines, it is equally important to understand your rights and responsibilities under your Union-negotiated contract. Ask your Steward or District Union Representative if you have questions. Honor picket lines: One of the most sacred obligations of a Union member is to never cross a picket line, whether it’s established by the UFCW or any other Union.

GET INVOLVED: Answer your Union’s call when it’s time to communicate with your legislator on matters of urgency to working Americans. Volunteer to attend Union rallies and other events. And when it comes time to vote on matters such as authorizing labor actions or ratifying contracts, affirm your Union solidarity.

We’re all in this together because…

Solidarity Works!

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Political Action for Working People – In all phases of the legislative and political process and at all levels of government, your Union works to advance and protect the interests of UFCW members, their families, and their communities.

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