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Northern California Meat Cutters Apprenticeship Registration

The Northern California Meat Cutters Apprenticeship Program teaches Current Meat Apprentices how to become skilled, Certified Meat Cutters with a deep understanding of the industry standards for quality, food safety, sanitation, and commitment to retail excellence. Talk to your District Union Rep or complete the inquiry form below for more details.

Please fill out the form below with or at the direction of your District Union Representative.

(i.e. Safeway, Raleys, Rite Aid, Save Mart)

“The Meat apprenticeship class has been insightful and educational. I learned a lot in the class and on the job to help make me a better worker and Meat Cutter in this Industry.” – Devin, Safeway

“I hope those that have an opportunity to attend these classes in the future go in with an open mind and do not give up. See the class through to the end and appreciate the effort, time, and knowledge these teachers give up for us to be able to grow in a career that has endless possibilities.” – Joshua, Raley’s

“During my apprenticeship, some would say that I didn’t need that. Yet, this class taught a lot of the things I was told I didn’t need. I gained a much greater understanding of the role I play in the food industry. Thank you for the opportunity and the information.” – Nigel, Save Mart

“I learned that with our title comes great responsibility, for we are the ones who feed this nation. When I put my equipment on in the cutting room. I’m proud to say that the knowledge that I have acquired through this class has brought me to admire my trade even more.” – Giovani, Vons

The Meat Apprentice classes tour Union plants like Harris Ranch Beef, Foster Farms, Petaluma Poultry and Superior Lamb.