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8 Young Activists of UFCW 8-Golden State
Updated On: Feb 10, 2016

Brandon CarneyBrandon Carney
Meat Cutter, Cost Less

Working hard and belonging to a union are two components Brandon Carney feels can improve his options for raising a family and living a comfortable life. he learned from his grandfather, who was a union member, the importance of being in a union and standing up for his rights. “I enjoy being a steward because I like meeting new people and helping them any way I can,” he said.

Justice Nepper
Justice Nepper

Apprentice Food Clerk, Safeway

Access to affordable health care and job security are paramount issues for Justice Nepper and her 3-year-old daughter. “Thanks to uFCW 8, I don’t have to worry about providing for my daughter and I can concentrate on being a good mother and achieving my dream of owning a business,” she said.

Paul Supat II
Produce Clerk, Safeway

Paul Supat II knows the importance of getting accurate information from his union. Whenever he has a question, he knows his answer is a  phone call away. “I feel for non-union workers who have to rely on their management for answers. They don’t know if they’re being told the truth and there’s constant fear of retaliation,” he said. Supat hopes to own a business some day and treat his workers with the level of dignity and respect uFCW 8 has for its members.

Laela Cooper
Laela Cooper

Starbucks at Safeway

Laela Cooper works part time at Safeway while she completes her course work to become a certified public accountant. She appreciates her health care coverage and job security.

“I like the union because it’s there for me if I have  questions or concerns at work,” she said.

Desiree FoxDesiree Fox
Apprentice Deli Clerk, Safeway

Weekly work hour guarantees and job security are two reasons desiree Fox is glad she is part of the union. As a mother of three, she depends on her job to raise her family. her access to a defined-benefit pension is helping her plan for the future. “I want to keep being the mom I can be to my kids and one day become a manager at Safeway,” she said.

Dylan Farris

Dylan Farris
Apprentice Deli Clerk, Safeway

Job security means a lot to dylan Farris. he also enjoys his guaranteed work hours. “I know the union has my back,” he said.

Farris wants to own a business in the gaming industry some day.

Matt FentonMatt Fenton
Grocery Clerk, Safeway

Matt Fenton says fair pay, equal treatment and workplace safety are just a few of the union benefits giving him piece of mind. “In one word, the union means ‘Solidarity,’” he said. “I want to do all I can to help build a good future for myself, and all of my sisters and brothers at uFCW 8.”

Roy Martinez

Roy Martinez
Deli Clerk, Save Mart

Before working at a union shop, roy Martinez didn’t know of the benefits of guaranteed work hours and unionnegotiated wage increases, but since he started working at Save Mart, he realizes the positives of being part of a union. “I appreciate my working conditions a lot more now,” he said. his goal is to become an electrician some day.

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