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Mike Winfield
Posted On: Apr 07, 2010
Stand and Deliver

When Mike Winfield, a checker at a Save Mart store on Marconi and Fulton Avenues in Sacramento, took a class in public speaking at Sacramento State university several years ago, he kept getting laughs when he made his presentations, even though he wasn’t trying to be funny.

“The teacher and my classmates said I had a funny delivery,” Winfield said. “They encouraged me to try standup comedy.” Buoyed by his classmates’ encouragement, Winfield headed to “open mike” night at Sacramento’s Laughs unlimited comedy club.

“I thought I could just go up there and be funny, so I didn’t prepare anything,” he recalled. “The set was supposed to last five minutes. I left the stage after three. The room was quieter than a library. It was the longest three minutes of my life. But it taught me a valuable lesson. You have to be prepared whenever you go on stage.” The experience was so traumatic that it took Winfield three years to get the courage to try it again. 

“This time I wrote some material and went back to the same place,” Winfield said. “I was still pretty green, but it was much better. I saw what worked and what didn’t work. It was definitely something I could build on.” And build on it he did. Winfield writes all of his own material and continues to perform at comedy clubs. He is a regular guest on Good Day Sacramento and also appeared on Showtime comedy specials, Black Entertainment Television’s Comic View and NBC’s Last Comic Standing

Mike Winfield’s comedy
career is a laughing matter

Mike Winfield - Comedian

“I feel the door to success is opening wide,” says UFCW 8 member Mike Winfield about his comedy career.

“I feel the door to success is opening wide,” he said. “I now have professional management and recently went to New York to appear on Comedy Central’s Live in Gotham show. Things are definitely moving in the right direction.”

His comedic skills also caught  the attention of a checker with whom he frequently worked.

“She said I made her laugh,” Winfield said. “So, we got married.” he and his wife, Lakisha, have three children: Datrell, 15; Michael’ Mykai, 6; and Michael’ Edward, 4. “until I can make it as a standup comic, I’m grateful that my wife and I have good union jobs,” he said.

“I have the flexibility to pursue my career in comedy, and those union-negotiated health benefits really came in handy when we had our children.” When he’s not honing his skills as a comedian, Winfield’s most important activities include being a good husband and father, as well as studying the Bible. To learn more about Winfield’s comedy career, visit his site at


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