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Pamela Tidd
Posted On: Nov 25, 2009
Straight Shooter
Pamela Tidd remembers the not-so-good old days before the Union

    Anyone who has doubts about the value of working under a union contract should talk to Pamela Tidd.
    Tidd is an Accounts Receivable Analyst at Mendocino Coast District Hospital in Mendocino. She has been there since 1975 –– before the work ers were represented by UFCW 8.
    “There is a world of difference now,” Tidd said. “It’s like night and day.”
    When Tidd first joined the staff as a Data Processor she found that the employees were represented by an employee association. Each year the association would negotiate with hospital management for improvements in wages and benefits.
    “We never got anything we wanted,” Tidd recalled. “And the wages and benefits were terrible to begin with. We basically made unlivable wages, the health insurance had high co-pays and deductibles and we didn’t get a lot of days off. You couldn’t accumulate vacation or sick time from year to year and there was no job security.”
    Tidd said it all changed after the Union came in.
    “Having the clout of a Union like UFCW 8 made all the difference,” she said. “When we sat down to negotiate, we had the strength and numbers of a real Union to back us up."
Pam Tidd, Medicino Coast District Hospital member
    Not surprisingly, things improved almost immediately.
    Tidd said there were significant wage improvements, annual salary increases and benefits she “couldn’t even imagine we’d have.”
    “We had much better health insurance with lower co-pays and deductibles,” she said. “And for the first time, we got dental benefits and a vision plan.
    “We also got an increased number of days off.”
    Tidd is looking forward to retirement in a few years, so she also appreciates her unionnegotiated retirement plan.

    “That would have been unheard of when I started,” she said.
    Tidd said one of her major challenges is convincing newer employees that their Union made it all possible.
    “They never knew what it was like to work without a Union,” she said. “So they take the pay and benefits we have for granted. I tell them at every opportunity what it was like before we had Union representation.”
    When she’s not working at the hospital, Tidd has a small therapeutic massage practice that keeps her busy. She also belongs to a competitive target-shooting club.
    “I enjoy going out into the woods and competing against my friends,” she said. “It’s a great way to let off steam.” UFCW 8-Golden State logo
Pam Tidd - letting out some steam

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