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Summer - 2016
Updated On: Jan 09, 2017

Report Details Abuse of Non-Union Poultry Workers

Workers at non-Union poultry plants are abused regularly and are denied breaks to use the bathroom, according to a report recently released by a major charity organization.

The report, titled “No Relief: Denial of Bathroom Breaks in the Poultry Industry,” was produced by Oxfam America, a global organization working to right the wrongs of poverty, hunger and injustice.

The study, based on hundreds of interviews with poultry workers, reviews how many of them have no choice but to wear diapers as they work on the production lines.

Such abuses are common at many job sites — but not at places where the workers belong to a Union like UFCW 8-Golden State.

“Only a handful of workers reported their bathroom needs are respected,” the authors wrote. “These exceptions are primarily in plants with Unions, which offer important protections, inform workers of their rights and en sure they have a voice on the job.”

The writers continue:

“Unionized workers report they feel comfortable leaving or stopping the line when their requests are denied for too long.”

The indignities endured by non-Union poultry workers must stop.

Workers need to know they have a right to organize and organized workers have more opportunities to protect themselves from this type of abuse.

Only Unionized workers can speak freely about dangerous working conditions without fear of retaliation. This leads to a healthier and more productive work environment and a safer product for consumers.

This is yet another example of how Unions are good for workers, their employers and the public.

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