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Fall 2015
Updated On: Feb 01, 2016

Shop Union for the Holidays and All Year Long

Shopping Union is one of the most important principles of the Labor Movement.

Who are we helping when we do our holiday shopping at Union stores? We are helping ourselves.

We are helping you and everyone who enjoys the superior wages, benefits and working conditions that come with a negotiated contract.

Union retailers are everywhere. Usually, you can identify them by their UFCW 8 “Union Shop” cards in their doors or windows. If you have questions, ask your District Union Representative.

Shopping Union helps protect the market share of our employers.

When companies like Walmart, WinCo and others move into an area, they use their lower labor costs to undercut the prices of Union companies.  Our companies lose market share and sometimes have to lay off workers or close stores altogether.

At the bargaining table, Union employers keep telling us competition from non-Union companies is pressuring them to cut wages and benefits.

It gets even worse. Every hour of work lost for a Union member translates to lower payments by your employer to your health benefits fund and pension fund.

Don’t be tempted to save a few dollars in the short term by shopping at a non-Union store. Every dollar you spend there means a dollar less business for your own store. The losses add up quickly, leading to reduced hours for you and your coworkers and possibly even layoffs.

Together, we can fight the threat of non-Union companies.     

Show your Solidarity. Shop Union for the holidays and shop Union all year long.

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