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Winter 2015
Posted On: Feb 10, 2015

Coping With Stress in the New Year

The holidays are finally behind us. Many of us are using this time to take a deep breath before diving into the projects and commitments we’ve already charted for the New Year.

For others, however, this can be a season of uncertainty and stress.

The winter months can be a time when under lying feelings of loneliness come to the forefront after having been masked by the good cheer of the holiday season.

Members of our Union who work in the retail sector may feel added stress as managers cut back their hours. Some workers may even be laid off.

Those who aren’t affected by the ebbs and flows of the annual business cycle can feel the strain as well. As they head into the darkness for home, they may feel overwhelmed by the pressures of an abusive relationship or a health crisis in the family.

They may suffer from alcoholism or another kind of addiction. They may have a disagreement with a roommate or family member concerning household chores. Or they may have legal or emotional problems.

Then there’s the financial stress. During the holidays, many feel obliged to buy expensive gifts for every friend and family member, while others reach deep into their pockets to pay for lavish parties with lots of food and drink. Now it’s time to pay the bills.

Your Union can help

Fortunately, your Union family stands ready to provide help in coping with stress, loneliness and other problems in your life.

If you have problems with stress or have a co-worker or dependent family member with such problems, please ask your district Union Representative about services available to you. Your communications will be held in strict confidence.

If you are feeling depressed or stressed during these dark winter months, don’t isolate yourself. Reach out to others for support.

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