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Spring 2014
Updated On: Aug 21, 2015

Negotiations: Be Prepared for Anything

As we reported in the previous issue of Voice of Action, our Union is engaged in negotiations for our supermarket members employed by Albertsons and Vons in Southern California. And, in the northern part of our state, we have begun talking with Save Mart and Lucky about a new contract.

There’s more to come. In a little while, UFCW 8-Golden State will sit down with representatives of Safeway and Raley’s to determine  the wages and benefits of Union workers for years to come. (For information regarding the pending merger involving Safeway, please see President Loveall’s column on page 3.)

In my last column, I described certain things our members can do to strengthen the hand of our negotiating teams. These include wearing our Union buttons and always speaking positively about our Union to managers, co-workers and the public.

Other things we can do include keeping current on the negotiations by reading Voice of Action and Voice of Action Extra, checking in at or and following our UFCW 8 Facebook page. I also urged members to avoid rumors and participate in Union activities.

How to be prepared

Now I’d like to urge your support in another way, which can be summed up by the Boy Scouts’ motto: Be Prepared!

A lot depends on the employers’ appreciation of our members’ solidarity, including their willingness to take to the picket lines if necessary to get a fair contract.

As the saying goes, the best way to avoid a strike is to be prepared for one.

In this case, we can prepare both mentally and financially. We can prepare mentally by committing ourselves to back our Union leadership if and when it calls for a strike authorization vote. And we can prepare financially by postponing major purchases until a contract is signed and by putting aside as much money as we can into an emergency fund.
If we don’t have a labor action, you’ll have saved up some money to buy something you need.

The best part is knowing you’ve done what you can to help yourself and support your Union sisters and brothers at this crucial time. This holds true whether you work in a supermarket, a retail drug store or a poultry processing plant.

Solidarity does work!

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