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President's Report-Summer 2012
Updated On: May 12, 2015


Corporations are NOT People.
Don’t Let Them Silence YOUR Voice.

Vote No on Prop. 32!

No on PROP 32 Quote - Jacques Loveall, President It’s no wonder people are disgusted by the political process. Proposition 32 is perhaps the most cynical and deceitful proposition ever to appear on a ballot in the state of California.

If it passes, Proposition 32 — the “Corporate Deception” ballot initiative — would slap a gag on Unions so corporations would be free to use their millions to sway voters without challenge.

It claims to “stop special interests” and level the playing field between Unions and corporations, but what it really does is silence the voices of working families.
The lengths to which these people will go to suppress the voices of working people knows no bounds.

NO on Prop 32This is the third time corporate forces have tried to pass such “payroll protection” schemes directed at Unions.

California’s voters rejected Proposition 226 in 1998 and Proposition 75 in 2005, each time by 10-point margins. This time, the same idea is being marketed as an “election reform” plan, but reform is the farthest thing from its promoters’ minds.

Under the current measure, Unions and corporations would not be able to use payroll deductions for political purposes without annual written authorizations. But corporations don’t do their fundraising through payroll deductions. They collect their political money as direct contributions from their wealthy executives and major shareholders and, believe it or not, those contributions would be exempt from this ballot initiative.
Jacques Loveall
Jacques Loveall
President, UFCW 8-Golden State
UFCW International Vice President
Corporations already outspend Unions 15 to 1, but that’s not good enough for Proposition 32’s backers, apparently. Under the “Corporate Deception” initiative, the rich and powerful could have their way with hardly a sound heard from working families.

Proposition 32 is backed by the Lincoln Club of Orange County, the group behind the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that corporations are “people” with unlimited rights to spend money to influence the political system. This notorious decision gutted federal campaign contribution limits and led to the rise of shadowy “Super PACs” funded by huge anonymous donations.

The powerful anti-Union millionaires and billionaires who are financing Proposition 32 already have far too much influence in our state and federal governments. Only Unions stand between them and total domination of the political process.

If the corporations and billionaires are allowed to win in November, it will only be a matter of time before they use their dominance to repeal laws and regulations protecting the safety and health of work­ing Californians. We could also expect attacks on the minimum wage, overtime pay, break rules and, especially, the fundamental rights of working people to join Unions and negotiate the terms of their employment.

Please vote NO on 32 and tell your friends and family to vote NO as well.

Too much is at stake to allow ourselves to stay silent.

If we fail to act forthrightly to stop this scheme, we run the risk of being forced to keep our silence permanently, whether we want to or not.

If Proposition 32 passes, as Union members we may as well cut our tongues out.

If Proposition 32 passes, all I will be allowed to say to you is ...

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