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Winter 2012
Updated On: Aug 21, 2015


Campaign Spreads Message:

'We Are Part of the 99%'

Kirk Vogt, Secretary-Treasurer
From Los Angeles to New York City and from Seattle to Miami, the “Occupy” protests have captured the imaginations of working people who are frustrated and angry about our country’s economic priorities.

On pages 8-11 of the Winter 2012 Voice of Action, UFCW 8 President Jacques Loveall provides a Union perspective on this new social movement. As he points out, Unions share the Occupy activists’ concern for the economic welfare of people who work for a living and create the nation’s wealth.

Now another new movement, called, has been launched to act on that same concern with a focus on the supermarket industry.

Through its innovative website and a broad array of materials (see page 6), this campaign raises awareness among shoppers and grocery work ers about the importance of higher standards in grocery stores, which serve as America’s “town squares” of the 21st century. spreads the message that grocery workers are “part of the 99%” that demands fairness for all.

Now that negotiations for a new supermarket contract have entered a critical phase, it is crucial that our members participate in the campaign to reverse the current trend toward lower standards. This trend is the direct result of non-Union retailers intruding into the marketplace.

A personal threat

When a non-Union store opens it doors, every one of us needs to take it as a personal threat to our standards of living.

Picket lines are already in place in front of non-Union employers. All of our members are urged to volunteer and expand these lines and to defend their wages, benefits and workplace protections.

Ask your District Union Rep-

By Kirk Vogt

resentative about how you can participate.

As President Loveall points out, “It’s better to walk a picket line in front of a non-Union store while we are still collecting wages and benefits than it is to walk a picket line in front of a Union store on the verge of losing everything.”

We’ve had such great contracts in past years that some of us might be lulled into thinking it will always be that way. Let there be no mistake: If we don’t act now, we could lose everything we have accomplished.

Please join your Union and in the fight to protect and raise workplace standards.

The job you save could be your

 We are part of the 99%

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