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Holiday 2010
Updated On: Aug 21, 2015
Kirk Vogt, Secretary-Treasurer


Shopping the
Union Way

Kirk Vogt

On pages 12 and 13 of this holiday issue of Voice of Action, you will find a list of Unionmade food products. Please use this list when you buy your groceries for the holidays and throughout the year.

our members already understand the importance of buying Unionmade products for their holiday tables. We want good Union employers to prosper so they can keep paying good wages and providing excellent benefits.

But there’s more to the message of “Shopping Union” than that.

Unions are all about working people helping each other, even when they

work in different industries.

For example, we expect our members who work in super markets and drug stores to buy food products made by Union workers. We also expect all of our members, wherever they work, to shop at Union stores.

It’s easy to recognize a Union store. Simply look for the UFCW 8 Union label (shown at right) in its window or on its door.

Whatever you do, don’t step foot inside a Walmart, WinCo or Fresh & Easy store. These stores are operated by corporations that undercut Union wages and benefits, making it harder for us to negotiate good contracts with Union employers.

Shopping Union is more than a way

Shop Union to feel good about yourself. It is an effective way to protect the American way of life.

When you shop, please shop the Union way. Help your Union sisters and brothers by purchasing the products they make and shopping at the stores where they work.

It’s your choice. I hope you’ll make the right one.

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