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President's Report-Spring 2010
Updated On: May 12, 2015

No Time for a Tea Party
Wake up and smell the coffee!

    At UFCW 8, we live and breathe by our motto, “Solidarity Works.” The spirit of solidarity in spires and empowers us as we organize new companies and industries, negotiate strong contracts and help our members build better lives for themselves.
    Here’s another fundamental principle that guides us: “Plan your work and work your plan.” In order to succeed at a task, one needs to make a plan and be disciplined enough to stick to that plan, without letting need less distractions get in the way.
Jacques Loveall - President of UFCW 8 - Golden State
Jacques Loveall
International Vice President
    The president and his allies in Congress have cut taxes, not raised them, for the vast majority of Americans. They are trying to pass new laws that would restore fairness and rationality to the economic markets. They are struggling to pass comprehensive health care reform that would extend coverage to many of the people who, motivated by ridiculous false hoods, are fighting against it.
 They don’t let facts get in the way
    There’s no question that the people who fund, direct and manipulate the Tea Party movement are great
   Fortunately, UFCW 8 is a strategically - minded Union with plenty of discipline. Unfortunately, America’s Labor Movement as a whole still has a few miles to travel down that path before it reaches its enormous potential to trans form America’s economy and society.
    In the meantime, those who support the Tea Party and could benefit from the values we embrace have no trouble making a plan and sticking to it.
  Brilliant and toxic politics
    Their latest plan involves a protest movement called the Tea Party. It may have begun as a publicity stunt by libertarian followers of former presidential candidate Ron Paul, but the movement was quickly taken over by the same wealthy and powerful forces that are responsible for the economic mess that plagues our nation.
    Organized Labor didn’t invent the pretext for a $3-trillion war in Iraq. We didn’t create a health-care system that denies coverage to 40 million Americans. We didn’t dismantle our industrial infrastructure and send millions of our best-paying jobs overseas. We didn’t hand a trillion dollars to the same bankers whose incompetance created the current recession.
    Other people did those things. And now they’re using brilliant and toxic politics, inspired by hate, fear and ignorance, to hijack a populist uprising that should be directed against them.
    Beyond all logic, the Tea Party pro tests are directed against Barack Obama, who has been in office only a year and who has dedicated himself to putting America back to work.

organizers who don’t let facts get in the way. But they are not the solution to what ails our country. Anger, frustration and misdirected fear are not solutions.
  The real answer is the Labor Movement.

    Labor has always had the right agenda for America. It involves people earning livable wages in exchange for their hard work. It involves earning adequate health care, having access to affordable education and accumulating pensions that will enable them to retire with dignity.
    Labor’s solution isn’t about taxes and government handouts. Its about empowering ordinary people. Those who support the Tea Party are the ones who would be most helped by the values we represent.
  We are the answer
    Yes, we are the answer to what ails our country. We just need to communicate that fact more effectively. We need to pull together, turn up the energy level and deliver our message of empowerment with all the power and clarity we can muster.
    We can help the Tea Party. Let’s bring them from the front steps of the Capitol, where they’re carrying misspelled picket signs and yelling at the President, and bring them to Wall Street to demand that federal funds be used to help working Americans instead of billionaire bankers.
    Americans have legitimate reasons to be angry, and they deserve a rational, positive and constructive alternative to lies and paranoid fantasies. Let’s give them that alternative.
 Solidarity Works!UFCW 8-Golden State

UFCW 8-Golden State
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